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Ben Ford

Teams & Culture Specialist

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For the last 16 years, Ben has worked across multiple technologies, industries, and organisational sizes. This has included hedge funds and investment banks like BAML, JP Morgan and Standard Chartered, and small start ups and globally distributed, cutting edge crypto currency organisations. He's also spanned multiple roles from individual contributor and systems architect to team builder, leader and advisor on tech culture and strategy. His unique experience across elite military and development enables him to take a strategic and cross functional approach to developing high performance teams and cultures.

Ben’s early career was in the Royal Marine Commandos. Although he remains deeply technical, it's been in that intersection of culture, strategy and operations that Ben has found the perfect expression of his interests and experience. His highly diverse background spanning military operations to complex technical delivery leads Ben to focus on making changes at the holistic systems level to increase an organisation’s ability to deliver at the tactical level. A sample of projects that Ben has been involved with:

  • Built and led a team to completely redesign and modernise a 10 year old front of office development and test pipeline resulting in the ability for quants and strats to ship code daily.

  • Advising the leadership team at a globally distributed crypto currency R&D start up on how do implement development processes and communication improvement to maximise delivery and alignment while maintaining the necessary autonomy for independent research.

  • Advising a growing fintech company in the loans space on how to re-configure the engineering organisation, while also employing cutting edge serverless technology to sidestep crippling tech debt.

  • Building an exceptional development team around cutting edge at a startup and leading them to create a real time event based system in the events booking space.