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Ben Chappell

Assoc CIPD

Director of Leadership, Teams & Culture

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After almost 10 years as an Officer in the Royal Marines, Ben brings experience from leading high performing teams in a variety of diverse environments. He has led operations in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan as well as coordinating exercises in the jungles of Belize. During his time, he was also fortunate enough to work with corporate and sporting clients such as Castrol Oil, Unilever, HSBC, GB rowing and the England football team. He coached and mentored groups through experiential packages designed to explore the high performance aspects of the Royal Marines and facilitated insights transferable to their context.

After the Royal Marines, Ben continued to pursue his passion for people performance, and joined a multi-award-winning consultancy, known for helping some of the UK’s largest organisations develop leadership, high performing teams and culture. Ben has a pragmatic and holistic approach based on the psychology of human performance, experiential learning and coaching. He works closely with clients, gaining a deep understanding of their context and supports them in finding the answers to people performance and ultimately, business success. He now brings this wealth of experience to Form's culture offering.

“Improving people’s working lives through helping them experience what it is to be part of a connected, aligned, purpose driven and high performing team is where my passion lies. Happy people, performing at their best”.

Away from work, you’ll find Ben watching rugby with a pint of craft ale (or two) in hand and sharing dog walking duties with Elle! Ben is also studying an MSc in Psychology.