Brand Me Up!

Did you know that over 70% of job hunters will want to assess an employer's brand and EVP before they apply for a vacancy? In the past, businesses would assume that candidates apply for their roles because they are grateful for an opportunity. However, the tables have turned, and now it is as essential to show candidates what you have to offer them to ensure the best applicants are coming forward for your roles. Employer branding and EVP are slightly different but closely related, and to attract top talent, you need to ensure your company has addressed both.

Employer Branding

This is a relatively straight forward concept; your branding is what you are projecting to your existing and potential employees. Job seekers are looking for information about the values of a company on their mission statement as well as the unique points that set the company apart from others. This is different from branding in marketing terms as that relates to your products and solutions, employer branding is purely about how and why you support your staff, and fundamentally why you should be the company of choice for prospective candidates. Companies that nail employer branding will find that their reputation precedes them because existing employees are more than happy to talk about the extraordinary place they work. How far you go with your employer branding is up to you - what kind of people are you looking to attract and what kind of culture do you want?

EVP: Employee Value Proposition

If you are sitting there scratching your head and wondering what an EVP is it's time to play catch up and fast. The EVP lists the ways that you provide for employees both current and future. Whether this is related to working conditions such as home working is encouraged, free lunches are provided, or volunteer days are encouraged once a month to the benefits they will find for their career. What do you offer when it comes to continued professional development, what opportunities will they find for progression and recognition? Defining these is more important than you might realise and sits hand in hand with your employer branding. Long gone are the days of expecting an employee just to come in and remain static in one role and be happy about it. Career progression and the working environment will undoubtedly be the deciding factor for whether someone stays with your company or starts looking for somewhere better.

You Can't Have One Without the Other

While there is some overlap in these two concepts, you really should not have one without the other. Placing any form of job advert will attract applicants, but not necessarily of the calibre you have hoped, unless you do this groundwork first. Top talent will be looking for both employer branding and an EVP to decide whether this is a company they would like to work for. One document supports the other and showcases the strengths you have as an employer. Both of these documents can benefit from input by your existing employees and will assist further down the line with employee retention. Make it a priority to put into writing your employer branding and EVP, or if you already have these documents take time to audit them and make sure they are offering an accurate picture.

Bringing it to Life

It’s all well and good doing the leg work and having some pretty documents sat on Sharepoint, now what? Guys and gals, it’s time to be creative. The world needs to see what’s going on inside your business. We’re talking social pages, your career page on your website and platforms such as Glassdoor. Was someone promoted? Did you all have a great company social (on Zoom, obviously)? Have a photo of everyone in their company branded merch? OK, get it OUT THERE! This, is employer branding; you’re bringing your EVP to life. It moves into the realms of marketing but that’s exactly what you’re doing, you’re marketing your business to potential employees, the way your sales and marketing team will be marketing your product to potential clients. 72% of recruiting leaders around the globe say that employer branding has a significant effect on hiring (LinkedIn), that’s a pretty big number. We’ve mentioned Glassdoor. Reviews of your business from employees both current and former are a no brainer – you need them. 84% of employees would consider leaving their current roles for a business that has a better reputation.

We LOVE helping clients with this, it’s one of our favourite things to do as every business is so unique. Trying to find top talent without any of this is a bit of a waste of time: don’t get people looking at your shop window if the products are out of date and the glass is dusty, they’ll just keep on walking and it’ll take a while to get them back. Sounds super cheesy we know but you get the picture. Be bold and have fun with it!

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