Don't wing it! Become a pro at conducting video interviews

Video interviews are definitely here to stay, and if like us, you’ve been using them in your hiring process prior to the pandemic, then you’ve probably worked out what works well for you and what doesn’t. If however, you’re still sending a Zoom link to your candidate and hoping your internet connection doesn’t let you down, then you may learn a few top tips in this blog.

According to a survey by Linkedin, 81% of talent professionals agree that virtual recruiting will continue post pandemic. That’s a huge number! Video interviewing can save a huge amount of time and helps to streamline the recruitment process overall. You may be reading this wondering ‘how does it streamline the process? I still have to interview people and that takes the same amount of time.’

We’ve got you covered, don’t worry! Read on to hear our top tips for conducting video interviews like a pro.

Choose the right tech

Choose a tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require huge amounts of training for your staff (we’re trying to streamline this thing right?)

Here are some of our recommended platforms:


Communicate communicate communicate

We’ve said it once and we’ll keep saying it, there really isn’t such a thing as over communication when it comes to hiring, especially now. You want your candidates and colleagues to know exactly what they can expect, the dos and don’t of your process and your policies and procedures. If you haven’t already, create a quick guide about your recruitment process which you can share with them so they know what’s going on and when, and who they can contact if they have any questions. Include things like:

  • What platform you’re going to be using for interviews

  • How they can download it

  • Simple user instructions, perhaps with a couple of screen shots so they are familiar with the look of the platform prior to their interview

  • Who will be attending

  • What to do if there is a glitch

Going solo

This video interview method is one of our favourites at Form Talent and something our clients really enjoy using. It can take candidates a little while to become comfortable but it’s all in the prep.

To help reduce time as we have such busy talent pipelines with so many available candidates, think about the one-way video. One way videos are asynchronous, and candidates answer pre-recorded questions, whilst being recorded. The questions which can be pre-set and tailored, pop up on a screen, your candidate has 30 seconds or so (again on most platforms you can set this) to think about their answer before recording begins. Once they’ve completed it, you’ll be notified and can watch them anytime you like. They’re a brilliant tool for deciding whether or not the candidate is the right fit without arranging telephone interviews or inviting them for a full face to face video interview. Think about questions such as:

  • Explain why you think this is the role for you

  • What are your future goals

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself

  • How do you handle difficult situations

We have this integrated as part of our recruitment process in our own talent platform, Form Insights, but lots of the platforms we mentioned previously have this capability too.


Time to shine

You’re all set and you have some video interviews lined up. You want to ensure you have a few things ready:

  • Before you jump on a video interview with a candidate, we recommend doing a test run with a colleague to ensure they can hear your questions properly

  • Choose a good space. Quiet, good lighting and distraction free (we know it’s tricky at the moment but if you can, make people in your home aware you’re conducting interviews)

  • Make sure your camera is positioned well. There really isn’t anything nice about looking up someone’s nostrils when you’re being interviewed!

  • We recommend doing a quick background check and by this we mean, what’s on your walls? Ideally the space behind you is blank

  • Always have a back up plan in case technical errors arise. Switch to another platform or rearrange with the candidate at a time to suit them

Don’t think that because this is a virtual interview, the format has to be much different. Spend time at the beginning of the interview talking about your company culture and what your company has done in terms of setting employees up for remote working during the pandemic, and anything else that has happened such as employee well-being programmes.

Ensure your candidates leave with a professional opinion – you’d be amazed how many people we’ve spoken to who have had ropey video interviews since the pandemic hit – don’t let your future talent go to waste!

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