Our Top Tips for Job Hunting

As spring makes its way into our lives and we have dates in the diary for restrictions being lifted, things are certainly starting to seem brighter. The last missing piece of this pretty complicated puzzle is finding a new role. The job market has been hit hard since March last year and there are still so many searching for something. We want to try and help as many people as we can and have put together a few tips, to reassure you of your job-hunting tactics and possibly give you some new ones.

1. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for. This will help your search. If you can narrow it down, be specific industries as well as your skill set

2. Set up daily alerts. LinkedIn, Guardian Jobs, Reed, Glassdoor are platforms we recommend but there are so many as you’ll already know. Combine this with a couple of recruitment agencies that have good knowledge of your profession or chosen industry.

3. Ensure your CV is on point. We mean no long paragraphs, ideally no third person narrative and it shouldn’t really contain any irrelevant information. Keep it short, sharp and concise, using a sentence to outline each role followed by bullet points that explain what value you added in that role. A CV should not be a list of responsibilities but how you executed them. Your personal profile should demonstrate who you are, what role you’re looking for and how you add value. You have about 3 seconds to get someone’s attention and your CV will be one of many…make it a goody.

4. Looking for a job is a job in itself. Use a combination of tools such as recruiters, your network and your own searching but keep people up to date as much as you can to prevent duplication of work.

5. We live in the age of video. I know what you’re doing, screwing your face up saying ‘I’m NOT making a video of myself.’ We advised someone to do this, and it helped them secure a role at a premier league football club last year in a HR role…just saying. Be bold, be different, be creative and make yourself stand out from everyone else.

6. Connect with the right people. Ideally, you’ll have a list of companies you want to work with. Try connecting with the key decision makers on LinkedIn and reaching out that way.

7. Finally but definitely not least. DO NOT UNDERSELL YOURSELF. You should not be accepting salaries under market rate regardless of if we’re in a pandemic. We are huge supporters of fair salaries at Form and always advise clients and candidates about job worth and skill set worth. Be comfortable with what you’re agreeing to!

We hope these points help in some way and we understand finding a role right now isn’t a walk in the park. If we could be doing anything else for you or you’d like advise about your CV then please just get in touch.

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