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An entire People & Culture Team, plugged into your world, on demand & scaleable

A specialist expert

A trusted advisor

A pair of extra hands

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People operations, ensuring you have all the essential processes and procedures in place to provide that solid, scaleable foundation to keep building on and performing

  • Implementing the right systems, processes and procedures

  • The tedious but essential legal aspects of employing people

  • Policies, but made for people!

  • Retention strategy

  • People ops audit

  • Due diligence for investment; a people strategy + people ops audit



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Create a great place to work. Nurture a culture that attracts, engages and retains the brilliant people that will keep your business thriving:

happy people performing at their best.

  • Defining values and behaviours

  • Team coaching to better understand what culture is and how to nurture the one you want

  • Specific culture workshops or entire culture change programmes

  • Team and leader development programmes for high performing teams

  • Well-being strategies and initiatives through out partner



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Finding, attracting and recruiting talented people can be a time consuming task, but get it right and they become the success factor in scaling a high performing business.

  • Training you on, or taking on specific parts of the recruitment process

  • End to end recruitment process outsourcing

  • Behavioural assessments for culture and team fit

  • Employer branding and value proposition; attract the best talent

  • Onboarding. Getting people embedded and feeling part of the team

  • Succession and career planning for progression

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Growing and nurturing your tribe is tough, but the right people and the right culture can propel your business. Our approach means we get it right.

Trust us to find, attract, engage & retain people you can trust


Firstly, it's up to you. Do you need an occasional supplier, an extra pair of hands to save you time and hassle, or perhaps an ongoing trusted partner to guide and advise on all things people. We would always prefer the latter but have options for all. Either way, our methodology is the same.

Discover & Understand

Plan &


Deliver &


Monitor & Evaluate


We sit with a client for an initial chat and work out what would be best. In this instance we decide to go for a full discovery; people strategy and ops audit. From this we identify a number of priority areas to work on, for example implementing an HR system, defining the organisational structure more clearly, defining and working on the culture and starting to map out the hiring plan against the business strategy. The initial discovery is a stand-alone process but all that work that comes after it is laid out as an affordable monthly subscription. This way we can really plug ourselves in and become and extension of your business.

Trusted partner

For another client, with a specific pain point, we still sit, ask questions and listen. In this instance it's a one off need they have, perhaps some for expertise or a pair of experienced hands to free up time for them. This could be finding someone to fill a role, either looking after the entire end to end process or simply helping out with a specific part of it. It could be that they need an engaging workshop to bring a remote team together for the afternoon. It could be that the you just need help defining your values and behaviours for the culture you want. Single, one off support, freeing up your time, adding expertise and setting you up.

Occasional supplier

Our approach is simple, but powerful

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Firstly, you'll be glad to know we're humans. We're values and purpose led and always want to work with inspirational businesses and have a good time in the process.


Our transparent and rigorous methodology incorporates objective behavioural assessments, processes and systems that provide clarity and efficiency, for clients, employees and candidates.


All this is supported by our online platforms. This includes numerous features and a streamlined process, reducing your commercial downtime and costs


“They were brilliant! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Having limited experience of recruiting staff, Elle really took the time to understand our needs as a business. Each step of the process was handled very efficiently with very effective guidance provided by Elle.”

Director, Peter Moore Lets