HR gets a bad rep sometimes. Stuffy, old fashioned, 'fun sponge'; just a few things that come to mind


We're here to change that.


We know this stuff is a bit dull but also necessary and important. So our take on it is that it's there to underpin whatever else we do for getting the best from your people and creating a great place to work. We believe in people over process and employee experience.

This is about ensuring you have all the essential processes, procedures and systems in place. It's not the glamorous stuff, but you know it needs to be done for compliance, but also so you have solid, scaleable foundation to keep building on and performing. It's not going to propel you to a 'Best Company' award, but it will probably stop you getting there.

  • Implementing HR systems that create value and insight as well as record keeping

  • Processes and procedures for everything from hiring to conducting great 1:1s

  • The tedious but essential legal aspects of employing people

  • Policies, but made for people; information how people need it, when they need it

  • People ops audit

  • Strategy and people ops projects

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